After a first university degree in Electrical Engineering I worked as a research mathematician with the British Aircraft Corporation on mathematical problems in aircraft design. During this time I became interested in Bernard Lonergan’s book: Insight: A Study of Human Understanding with its early emphasis on mathematics. There followed some years working as a physicist in the Rutherford Laboratory on developing facilities for research in high energy particle physics. Entering the Jesuits led to three years of philosophy studies in the Milltown Institute, Dublin and theology studies in Heythrop College, London University. There followed a Doctoral Dissertation in philosophy in the University of Leeds entitled ‘Questioning and Its Object.’ During this time I became interested in autobiography. For two of those years I was a SISCON Research Fellow in philosophy of science in the University of Manchester.

In January 1980 I began teaching philosophy in the Milltown Institute, Dublin.
1982-7: Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Milltown Institute
1982-3: Qualified as a Journal Writing Consultant with Ira Progoff, Dialogue House N.Y.
1987-8: Boston College Research Fellow, Lonergan Studies
1997-9: Member of the Royal Irish Academy National Committee for Philosophy
2002: Spring Semester Taylor Chair, Visiting Professor, Loyola Marymount University, LA.

Until retirement in 2008 I lectured at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, a third level college in Dublin Ireland, which became a part of the National University of Ireland up to its closure in July 2015.

As well as many elective courses the major course I taught included:
Knowing and Communicating
The Human Person: Foundation Course
The Modern/Postmodern Sense of Self
Reading Lives: On Narratives of Selfhood and Value Ethics.

Over the years I have read research papers at The Royal Irish Academy, Irish Philosophical Society, at Lonergan Workshops in Boston, Rome, Santa Clara, Loyola Marymount, Naples, Oxford, Mainz, Montreal, and Toronto. I presented a paper at the Metanexus Conference on Transdisciplinary in Madrid in 2008 on Emergence.

I have also attended ‘Towards A Science of Consciousness’ Conferences in the University of Arizona, Tucson in 2004, 06, 08 and 10; and in Copenhagen in 2005, enjoying the energy of the collaboration while educating myself in the perspectives of the neuroscientists.

Current research interests include:
Extending the exploration of human conscious intentionality into the realms of intersubjectivity, social processes and history.
Extending my papers on Finance into a short text entitled: Do No Harm: Towards a Moral Compass in Finance.
A further paper on emergence, an alternative paradigm to reductionism.

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